Mini Dental Implant Testimonials ~ Revolutionary Same Day Tooth Replacement

“It has changed my life that much!”

“So after I got the implants I felt like this is probably what my real teeth would feel life if I still had them. My teeth are very secure and they are not going anywhere.”

Annie S.

“Now I can eat anything.”

“I told my Dr, I’m going to go out today and have a steak. I don’t think he believed me but I did!”

Jeanette A.
MDI Patient Since September 2004

“Now I can sing again.”

“I can do anything and be confident that my dentures will not fall out.”

Catherine N.

“I went out to eat that afternoon.”

“When I got my MDI implants it improved the quality of my life a lot. I can eat things that I couldn’t before and I can kiss my wife without my teeth coming out.”

John W.
MDI Patient Since August 2004

“I’m not afraid to smile anymore!”

“I feel ten years younger with my MDI implants. My confidence has soared!”

Deanne T.
MDI Patient Since March 2009

“It’s unbelievable!”

“The difference is like morning and night. It’s unbelievable.”

Rinalda C.
MDI Patient Since July 2004

“Today I ate every bite of a delicious hamburger, and then ate strawberries for the first time in forty years! To me it feels just like my bottom teeth have grown back! I’ve told literally hundreds of people about the mini implants, including my Sunday School class, my ladies’ homemaking club, the group at my library, etc., etc…” Read more

Jo Kelly M.

“I just wanted to thank the people that are responsible for this mini-dental implant procedure. It has changed my life. I lost my teeth at the age of twenty-three and was never able to wear anything but a top plate. The procedure is so affordable, ” Read more

Deborah B.

“My thanks to you for your patience and for convincing me to get mini implants. After having worn dentures for 40 years, I was somewhat set in my ways and used to the limitations imposed by dentures. I can bite so much easier, and I can definitely chew much easier…” Read more

Roger C.

“I am a 40 year old patient. My particular case is one where after researching my conditions as a dental layman for about 2 years on my own, I sought out a practitioner who specialized in dentures, much like a denturist I know in Canada, but who practiced traditional dentistry as well ..” Read more

Ray H.

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