Case Studies

Charles – A late 40s male
Restored earlier fillings with resin
Ceramic Laminate Veneers
Cosmetic Contouring of bottom teeth
Beth – An early 50s female
Close space between front teeth
Teeth Mouth Positioned
Stain Restoration
Carla – A mid 20s female
Mal-Proportioned Teeth
Close Spaces and Change Color
Stephanie – A late 20s female
Mal-Proportioned Teeth
And Slight Spacing
Linda – A mid 50s female
Lower teeth worn
Change color
Replaced worn tooth structure & function
“Improved ability to bite”
Littia – A mid 30s female
Worn Teeth – broken down restorations
Mal-Proportioned Teeth
Catherine – A late 60s female
Traumatic break – Upper Right Incisor due to accident
Single Tooth Restored to match other teeth
Ceramic Veneer
Richard – An early 50s male
Prior Restoration
Close Spaces – Change Color
Re-proportion Teeth

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